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Do You Need AutoViagra?

YES! Auto Viagra fuel system treatment will help enhance the additive packages provided by today's gasoline, improving fuel system cleanup and helping to maintain cleanliness.

Auto Viagra provides all the clean up, protection and performance improvements delivered by other high quality fuel system or gas fake rolex sale treatment products in ONE concentrated tablet - without the waste of other treatments.

Auto Viagra is proven to deliver:

  • 16.9% fuel economy improvement
  • 65% reduction of hydrocarbons
  • 31% reduction of carbon monoxide
  • 10% reduction of smoke
Auto Viagra is economical:
  • Each tablet treats 5-7 gallons (19-26L)
  • Gasoline activated, dissolves in gasoline or diesel down to -25
  • Cost of product goes into active ingredients, not bottles, caps or carrier fluids
Auto Viagra is convenient:
  • Safe and easy tear pouch hublot replica uk convenient ot carry in glove compartment or centre console
  • Add only what you need
  • Works for all grades of gasoline or diesel fuel
  • Simply insert into gas tank and go - no hassle
  • Easily dispensed - no overspills
  • Easily stored - not bulky
Auto Viagra is environmentally safe:
  • Contains no dangerous carrier fluids, such as diesel fuel or solvents, chemicals not designed for your car's engine
  • Eliminates landfill-clogging plastic waste
  • Cleans carburetor and injector contaminants to save gas and reduce harmful exhaust emmissions
  • Non-toxic, 100% organic
  • EPA registered
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available upon request
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